onsdag, oktober 30, 2013

Sverige sämst i västvärlden på att ta tillvara invandrares kompetens

Sverige sämst i västvärlden på att ta tillvara invandrares kompetens. Denna föga ärorika titel har jag och många andra känt på oss. Detta ställer hela debatten om invandrare och invandring i Sverige i ett helt annat sken och sätter ett skarpt fokus på de som har det verkliga makten över detta. Arbetsgivarna.


onsdag, oktober 16, 2013

Summary in english

I have covered the experience of non-profit organizations and associations at all levels . I have been working on the level party leaders in parliament as an official, as an elected representative of the municipality and county , and has been chairman of the Red Cross in my local circuit on Dalarö in Haninge municipality where I live.

My main focus as a communicator has been towards the media, and the community in the form of internal communication and retention . This included running advocacy both internally and externally to the public and the media .

It has led me written numerous opinion pieces in Swedens major newspapers (SvD , DN, Expressen and Aftonbladet ) and made ​​a number of interviews and participated in debate programs in the national Swedish radio (SR) , national Swedish tevision (SVT) and channer four (TV4). I have also organized a large number of public policy events . Among other things, the political week in Almedalen on Gotland , in Parliament and in national tours in connection with election campaigns.
Through the years I have come to have a large network of politicians, journalists and opinion leaders .
I have helped design a number of social culture for youth and children in disadvantaged socioeconomic environments , including social services as principal. In periods I have also worked as a lecturer and leisure as a musician . My main focus as a communicator and opinion leaders have been human rights and anti-discrimination .

I express myself well in speech and writing , and have no difficulty in getting together a text under time pressure. Social media , I see as a must in modern lobbying and advocacy work.

tisdag, oktober 15, 2013

En kvinna som ärkebiskop

Äntligen... en kvinna som ärkebiskop i det Lutherska konungariket Sverige. Påven Johanna fröjde sig i sin himmel.